Cottage season is just around the corner, it can be extremely exciting but also demanding.

Let us do a clean up of your yard, flower beds, trimming of bushes, even give those gutters a clean.  Heck we can even clean your windows.

We can also do checks of your cottage and if we see any damage, we will notify you of any damage that needs to be addressed.  We can do any minor repairs if needed.

We can work on a re-occurring schedule, so the cottage is always ready when ever you decide to come, and a well-maintained yard looks like someone is at the cottage often.

By taking care of yard needs you get to just come and relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

Spending a few dollars letting us do the work will allow you to do the things that you do best and will free up your time to spend with your family, friends or simply meditating.

Fully Bondable (insured on your property) and covered by WCB for your peace of mind.


Schedule a call or meeting so we can discuss how to care for your cottage.