Spring and Fall yard cleanup 108 MileAre you too busy or incapable of properly maintaining your yard? There is no shame in that. Sometimes (most of the time!) life gets in the way. That is why Homestead Services was conceived.

Stay in your home longer! Homestead Services helps Seniors stay in their homes longer and enjoy what they have built over the years. With Homestead Services, this dream can become a reality for people who can't care for their homes like they used to. We maintain, thus easing your burdens.

Spring and Fall Clean up in 108 Mile Ranch and surrounding area was just what was needed.

Leaf removal can be an important aspect of helping keep your lawn green and beautiful. Removing leaf and needle debris in the fall can help prevent mold and other issues that can interfere with the growth of your lawn. In the spring, removal of late falling leaves and winter tree debris will help make your property look its best. We also can clean your gutters in the spring and fall getting rid of all those needles collecting there. We have the professional equipment to tackle any size property. Off site leaf and debris disposal is available if desired.

Spending a few dollars letting us do the work will allow you to do the things that you do best and will free up your time to spend with your family, friends or simply meditating.

Fully Bondable (insured on your property) and covered by WCB for your peace of mind.